Midreshet Ein HaNatziv

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About Us

Midreshet Ein HaNatziv is the pioneer of midrashot dedicated to study of Torah for women in Israel and has been active for more than thirty years in the beautiful surroundings of  the Valley of Springs.

The head of the Midrasha is Dr. Esther Fisher.

Midreshet Ein HaNatziv combines in a unique way commitment to Halakha, women’s empowerment, Jewish renewal and intellectual openness, which are reflected in an ebullient and lively Beit Midrash, where women of various ages study and are active in a variety of study programs.

About 70 students are enrolled each year in the Beit Midrash and take an intensive study program in an intimate atmosphere that provides each student with personal attention along progress in studies.

Our Programs

  • Midrasha year before army / national service
  •  Military service in gareenim (groups)
  • Study programs after the service
  • The Halacha studies program at Midreshet Ein HaNatziv

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