The sages asked: “What is greater, study or action?” The answer can be found at the heart of the learning experience in our beit midrash.

We focus on integrating study and action, which result in women’s involvement and contribution to the world of Jewish spirituality, the tapestry of community life, and social activism.

The Midrasha is committed to cultivating young women with a broad Torah education who can help realize that vision.
During their study of Torah at the Midrasha, students are exposed to the emphases and balances required between criticism and humility, and between liberty and obligation.

We believe that balancing between these poles is the most important factor in formulating the identity of every young woman who studies Torah, and for the continued thriving of Judaism in the modern age and during this era of Jewish resurrection in our ancient homeland.

Our learning program is rich and diverse, and includes five major focus areas of study: Tanach, Talmud and rabbinic literature, Halacha, Jewish thought, and Hasidic philosophy. The studies at the Midrasha combine a variety of educational styles: beit midrash study,
examining conceptual meaning, academic and critical study, focusing on existential questions, and connecting Torah to the lives of our students and our world today.
These diverse areas of knowledge and study approaches inform and complement one another. Facing the future.

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