Our vision

Midreshet Ein HaNatziv has been the forerunner in this field for decades. The values that guide us and show us the way are:

Jewish, personal and community renewal – The Midrasha is committed to act and contribute to the Jewish, personal and community renewal, while encouraging women’s involvement and contribution to the Jewish spiritual world and to the fabric of community life, in all its aspects.


Striving for new paths  in the Torah World – The Midrasha strives to pave new ways in the world of Torah study  in general, and in the context of Torah study for women in particular.

Fostering educational excellence – The Midrasha is committed to foster academic excellence aimed at preparing a cadre of educated young women who will be able to integrate and contribute in the various aspects of the spiritual and social life of the State of Israel and Israeli society, within and outside the religious community.

The style and method of study in the Beit Midrash of Midreshet Ein HaNatziv

The curriculum of the Midrasha is rich and diversified and includes five main learning worlds: Bible, Talmud and rabbinical literature, Halacha, Jewish philosophy, and Hasidism.

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